The False Pursuit of Happiness

One of the founding principles of our country is that all men and women have the inalienable right to “the pursuit of happiness”.  Perhaps this is a good principle to include in our founding documents as a country, but it is not a good principle to live by.

Let me explain.

Happiness is an elusive phantom that disappears the minute it is gazed upon.  When you pursue it, it becomes impossible to grasp.  Tim Keller sums it up best when he says,

“Happiness can never be found directly…. happiness is always and only a by-product of seeking something else more than happiness…. The person who is happy is always the one who has stopped trying so hard to be happy…”

Happiness is a by-product.  True happiness comes when we lay our lives down for another in an act of worship to God.  God designed us to give, not to take.  It’s how our souls function best.  No one ever found joy or happiness serving himself.

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