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Spring Cleaning – Saturday, April 14th, 9:00-12:00 – It’s time to clear the cobwebs and clutter. Join us as you’re able and have more fun than a person should doing chores. Many hands make light work and much laughter. We’ll be making a trip to the dump with some big junk. If you have a pickup truck and some time, consider yourself called to serve! God didn’t give you that truck just to look pretty at stop lights! Indoor projects and light gardening tasks are also on the list. We’ll keep you fueled with sugar (donuts) and caffeine.

Ladies’ Worship Night – Saturday, April 14th, 7:00-8:30 – Our first night of worship, led by Pauline & Heather Ellis, was AWESOME!! We’ll be repeating the unstructured, informal event designed for our ladies to come with an open heart, listen, and rest. Pauline and Heather will be ministering through contemporary Christian music, original music, and spontaneous songs. There will be no song words available, but you are welcome to sing as you know songs and feel comfortable. Bring your Bible and an open and hungry heart. Please let Heather Ellis or Pauline know if you have any questions. Susan Spencer is hosting – her address is in the Memberhub directory.

EARTH DAY – Friday, April 20th, 9:00am-4:00pm – Event sponsored by Seed2Seed and hosted at Living Hope Church. Stop by during the day and check out different ways to steward our planet. If you’d like to help out that day (or beforehand) get with Chantal Mullen and she’ll put you to work! Call or text her: 336.817.8875.

Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center Walk for Life, Saturday, April 28th – To join the LHC Team or sponsor a member with a pledge, go to: http://gpccwalk.dojiggy.com/livinghopechurch.  Baby Bottles are ready to pick up, if you haven’t gotten one yet. Bring your filled bottle back by April 15th – all money collected will go toward our team’s fund-raising goal of $2,400.00.

GALS’ GAME NIGHT – Saturday, April 28thHeidi Markar will host April’s Game Night. Bring your favorite games, snacks and drinks and join us for lots of laughs and loads of fun. A great way to get to know each other! Heidi’s address is in the Memberhub directory.

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