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Support the Bodeanus – Thank you for all your donations of Christmas gift items for kids in the hospital in Kenya. Alisa and Victor were so thrilled by your generosity. As you think about them in the coming month, please pray. Alisa and kids travel this Sunday, the 24th and Victor will join them on December 14th. They’ll come home together on Dec. 28th after serving for a month.

Benevolence Need – THANK YOU to all who donated toward this need within our church family. You have blessed this family TREMENDOUSLY!! They are so grateful for the love shown to them through your generosity.

Men’s Bible Study – Saturdays, 8am-10am Weekly meetings are a great time to get together for study and support. Eat before or BYO Breakfast – It’s a great way to start your weekend! Last meeting for 2019 – THIS Saturday, the 23rd.

Ladies’ Worship Night – Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 7:30pm @ Heather Ellis’ home. Please join us this wonderful evening! We worship, we pray, we connect with God and each other. It’s been so wonderful to gather and worship through contemporary Christian music, original music, and spontaneous songs. Bring your Bible and an open and hungry heart. Please let Heather Ellis or Pauline know if you have any questions.

Ladies’ Connections – Last 2019 meeting – THIS Sunday, Nov. 24th, 6:30pm Last Wednesday noon meeting, Dec. 4th. We’ve had a great time dipping into God’s Word, sharing and praying with each other these past few months and we’re taking a break over the holidays. We’ll let you know what’s up for Ladies’ Connections in 2020.

Christmas Decorating Day – Sunday, December 1st, right after the service – Hang out for a few minutes after the service and put up a few wreaths and ornaments. It’s a lot of fun and the more the merrier to get the building ready for the Christmas season.

Christmas Party – Sunday, December 8th, 5:00-8:00pm The best birthday party of the year! Bring your most delicious holiday dish, your craziest Christmas sweater and your friends and family to this year’s bash. Childcare is provided. To sign up to bring goodies or help, follow this link: https://livinghope.memberhub.com/hubs/1520/whiteboards/20450

Looking to connect, looking to serve here at Living Hope? Check out https://hope336.com or visit one of our Next Steps Kiosks in the back of the auditorium.

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