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Confluence Celebration online THIS week and Sunday, June 28th, 11am – Since our family of churches isn’t able to hold it’s Summer Celebrations across the country this year, Confluence has put together a week of short messages online at “Confluence Churches” Youtube channel. This week’s messages will culminate in a nationwide Celebration on Sunday, June 28th @ 11am. Check out the messages (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFrqn-qc1DJ9ipoXJKlLmA) this week at your convenience and join us Sunday at 11am to celebrate the goodness of God together. This online service will take the place of our normal Sunday service.

Food Ministry Outreach – Sunday, June 28th, 1pm – We’re going out again this week and hope you can join us! Our team is continuing to build relationships in the community, share the gospel, and pray with folks in need as we hand out the food that you all have donated.  Your donations are making it possible for us to reach people each time we go out. THANK YOU! Please continue to drop off food donations in the box located at the church entrance adjacent to the playground. The amount of food donated directly impacts the number of people we can reach.  Here is what is needed to support each food distribution done every other week:

25 bags of rice / 25 cans of fruit / 50 cans of beans / 100 cans of veggies

50 cans of tuna or chicken / 25 bags of masa flour (for tortillas)

Let Charles know if you can help out: (charleswood320@gmail.com) or text 912-438-3351.

Need groceries or know someone who does? Coordinate pick up or delivery of a bag of groceries. If you have questions, have or know of a grocery need or want to help – contact Charles Wood via email (charleswood320@gmail.com) or text 912-438-3351.

COVID19 Benevolence – Since the virus crisis began – we’ve been able, through the Body’s generosity – to establish a fund to provide monetary assistance. If you have or know of someone with a financial need, you can fill out a Benevolence Request. Place your curser over this link and hit “enter” to access the online form: COVID-19 Benevolence Request. Someone will reply letting you know form has been received and then again after submission to our Benevolence Committee.

Giving – THANK YOU FOR GIVING! Your faithfulness and generosity continue to bless Living Hope each week. Currently, we have three ways to give:

Daily Prayer Where You Are @ 9pm – Set a reminder and be part of a global prayer time each night – pray as the Lord leads you – COVID, your family, friends, our nation and leaders, job, schoolwork, etc. Knowing others are praying with us strengthens our prayer and faith for answers!

Prayer Meeting – Mondays, 7pm @ the building – Bring a chair and join us for prayer! We’ll meet under a portico and lift up our voices to heaven – for ourselves, our friends and family, for our nation and the world!

Live Online Services –Check out our live broadcasts – Sundays @ 10:00am and Wednesday evenings @ 7:30pm. Subscribe on YouTube – “Living Hope Church NC”

Living Hope Church Communication Page – We’ve created a Facebook page for us all to stay connected. You can control with whom you connect. This is a private group https://www.facebook.com/groups/324149318544296/?fref=nf)  to share needs, tips, ideas and locations of toilet paper!

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